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Exosome-depleted FBS Media Suppl


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The reference at Genprice for this lab product is 322-EXO-FBS-50A-1. It is a frequent ordered reagent.

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The Exosome-depleted FBS Media Suppl will be delivered to your laboratory the next week after your order if you order it before Friday 15:30.

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Exosome-depleted FBS Media Suppl is frequently used in research laboratories. We can supply you with references if needed.




Exosomes are 50 nm small lipoprotein vesicles containing lots of microRNAs. The diagnostic value of exosomic miRNAs is due to their role in signal transduction and cell differentiation. Exoslomal total RNA can be analyzed by next gen sequencing to perform a diagnostic micro RNA profile.


Differentiation and cell culture media are buffered growth medium solutions or culture medium solutions that can be supplied as a solid or liquid designed to support the growth of microorganisms or cells, or small plants. There are different types of media for growing different types of cells.